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Dealer to Dealer Wholesale Auction

Our Dealer-to-Dealer online auction platform ensures that your surplus stock reaches a wide audience of dealers and wholesalers. Utilising our sophisticated and proven app, buyers can conveniently view vehicles from the comfort of their offices, eliminating the need to visit the site in person. 

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If you're already a member of Auction Online just click here to get to our usual auctions. 

How does it Work?

The process is simple — anyone with a valid MVT number can register on our site, gaining instant access to bid on any available cars. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless experience for buyers to participate and engage in the auction process effortlessly.


Can anyone Load a Car into your Auction

Absolutely, once registered and approved by us, anyone can load a car into our auction. We've streamlined the process to make it convenient for approved users to upload any car they wish to auction on our platform.

How do I Load a Car

Loading a car onto our platform is a breeze. Simply download our app onto your phone, log in with your user account, and follow the straightforward on-screen instructions. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless process for effortlessly listing your car in our auction.

Secure Online Transactions

Our online platform ensures secure transactions for all parties involved. We use advanced encryption methods to protect your information and provide a safe and reliable auction experience.


How Much does it Cost

We operate on a transparent and straightforward model – no subscription or transaction fees. You only pay when your car is successfully sold. It's that simple. There is a $275+ gst success fee if your car sells on auction.


Absolutely, you can finance your purchases or sales with us. Explore our various financing options by clicking here to find out more. 

Coming soon



Auction Online offers a distinctive feature that enables every listing to accurately depict the vehicle's condition with absolute precision. This functionality ensures that listings accurately  represent the precise condition of each vehicle, thereby bolstering buyer confidence and minimising surprises.


We understand the logistical challenges of the automotive industry, which is why we offer transportation services for our users. Our transportation services are reliable and efficient, ensuring that our users can conduct transactions with ease.


Coming Soon



Auction Online is excited to announce a new and beneficial feature – finance options will soon be available for both buyers and sellers on our platform. This innovative addition aims to streamline the process for buyers by providing flexibility in resale timing. Additionally, sellers can take advantage of the opportunity to receive immediate cash for their sales, enhancing liquidity and overall convenience.


We understand the importance of offering financial solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our users. With these new options, Auction Online is committed to providing a comprehensive and efficient platform that goes beyond traditional auction services.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform and introduce features designed to elevate your experience. Your success in vehicle transactions is our priority, and we look forward to bringing you more up-to-date announcements in the near future.

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