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Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been create to help you get the best out of our website, Auction and Auto Cash-up service. 

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Auction Online Questions

Auto Cash-up Questions

Auction Online FAQ

Q: Who is allowed to register to bid on Auction Online?

Only registered motor vehicle traders are allowed to register with Auction Online. You require a valid MVT number as part of your registration and this is verified on the Motor Vehicle Traders Register.

Q: What happens in the case of misrepresentation of the reconditioning? If the costs are greater than what’s allowed?

If any vehicle is misrepresented in any way you would not be obligated to take the vehicle. 

Q: What happens if I bid and win, then ship a car from the North Island to the South Island and find that the reconditioning quote is wrong?

In this case you could either return the vehicle back to the selling dealer at their cost or re-negotiate an agreed price with the seller.


Q: Are there any hidden fees or costs to register or buy a vehicle on Auction Online?

There are no fees or costs to register or purchase a vehicle on Auction Online, you are liable for the purchase price which is paid directly to the selling dealer and transportation costs to get the vehicle to your yard.


Q: How do dealers determine the reconditioning estimates?

Each dealer will have different reconditioning costs, the work required is listed and each dealer should look at what needs repair and determine what the total cost will be. 


Q: Are bidders able to physically inspect the vehicles listed before placing a


Buyers are able to inspect the vehicles before placing a bid, the selling dealers name and location is visible. However, an arrangement needs to be made before arriving at the dealership so that they are expecting you.


Q: How long after collecting a vehicle can a fault be reported?

Buyers need to report any unrecorded fault with the vehicle within 24 hours of collection, thereafter it will be the buyers responsibility. Vehicles need to be inspected and tested at collection and if there is an issue this needs to be addressed with the selling dealer at this point.


Q: Can bidders enter a lower price than the starting price for the vehicle?

No, the starting bid price is exactly what it states, this is an auction and not a tender. 

Q: Why do vehicles that have received bids in previous auctions sometimes


Sellers have the ability to list a vehicle and set a reserve price on it, this means the vehicle may get bids but if it does not meet reserve it is not sold. 


Q: How do bidders know if a vehicle has a reserve price set on it?

Once a bid is placed on a vehicle a notification will appear at the top of your screen stating that you are leading the bid and whether or not reserve has been met. The reserve price wording is in red if the reserve is not met.


Q: Can I set an auto bid on certain vehicles?

We have a maximum bid field directly below the bid button, this field is where you can enter the maximum you are prepared to pay for that particular vehicle. This does not mean that you will automatically be taken to that maximum price. Your maximum bid will only be activated if another bidder bids on that particular vehicle.


Q: Are there extensions on bidding at the end of the auction?

If a bid is placed in the last minute of the auction it auto extends by another minute. This happens each time someone bids in the last minute of the auction.


Q: What happens when I win a vehicle on Auction Online?

Once the auction closes and you have been successful in purchasing a vehicle each party receives an email winner confirmation. In this email you will have the vehicle you purchased, the price it closed at, and the sellers contact details. The seller also receives the same email with the buyers details. The selling dealer will then invoice the vehicle to the buyer.

Won vehicles need to be paid for and collected within 24 hours. If this is not possible, an arrangement needs to be made with the selling dealer.


Q: What happens if I bid on a vehicle I didn't want to bid on?

All bids are binding and every listing requires two clicks. One to accept the terms and conditions and another to reconfirm your agreement to the terms and conditions. You should always make sure you know what you're biding on before placing your bid. 


Q: How many auctions are there each week?

At this stage we host 2 auctions every week, the first auction starts on Monday at 8am and closes on Wednesday at 4pm. The second auction then starts on Thursday at 8am and closes on Friday at 4pm.


Q: Can the auction be viewed in the App?

The auction can only be viewed on our website ( , the App is used to load vehicles into the auction. Sellers can manage and view their vehicles in the App but buyers need to use the website. 


Q: Who is responsible if the vehicles RUC’s are behind?

It is the sellers responsibility unless stated as outstanding on the auction listing. 


Q: How do I view the pictures and description of the vehicle?

To view each listing you need to click on the model description, this then takes you into the listing where you will find all the pictures and vehicle particulars. This is also where you will find the damage recon describing all the reconditioning that the vehicle needs.


Q: Where can I find Auction Online Ltd Terms and agreements?

You can read our full terms here.

Auto Cash-up FAQ

Q: Who can make offers on private sales?

Any business holding a valid MVT number.

Q: How many offers an I make on a car?

You can make as many offers as you like as long as each one is higher than the last.


Q: How long do I have to make an offer?

The offer period is currently 24 hours but it may change.


Q: How do I know if my offer was accepted?

If you're offer is accepted, you will be notified immediately.


Q: Is my offer binding?

Before you make any offer, you will need to accept our terms and conditions which state that your offer is binding and if your offer is accepted, you will purchase the vehicle. 

Q: What if the car being described has faults that are not listed or detailed in the listing?

Should the seller fail to describe the car accurately, you will need to negotiate directly with them.

Q: How can I be sure of what I'm buying?

If you are not satisfied with all the information that the seller has provided, you will be able to submit questions directly to the seller.

Q: Are the seller trustworthy?

The seller has been instructed and has also agreed to act in a trustworthy manner, ethically and in good faith. They have also accepted our terms and conditions. 

Q: Is there a fee and what is it for?

Yes, there is a fee. If your offer is accepted, Auction Online will charge your credit card a small success fee. This fee is for the introduction service between two willing participants (seller and buyer) on our platform.

Q: How much will this cost me as a buyer?

We charge a small fee of $50 to the buyer.

Q: How is the fee collected?

We will charge your credit card only when your offer is accepted. 

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