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Who is Auction Online



As the co-founder with a commendable 15-year career in the motor industry, Rui Santos has left an indelible mark with numerous successful dealerships under his belt. An affable people person, Rui brings not only an enthusiastic drive and passion but also an unmatched spirit to Auction Online. His clear-headed approach and forward-thinking ability propel the platform forward in all its endeavors. With a wealth of experience and an innovative mindset, Rui Santos continues to play a pivotal role in shaping Auction Online's success.

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Ben Carrancho brings over two decades of experience in diverse business ventures to the table. While his background is rooted in marketing, his primary strength lies in crafting software applications. With a nuanced grasp of workflow intricacies, Ben has a knack for foreseeing potential challenges before they arise. In his role as co-founder at Auction Online, Ben's steadfast dedication and adept understanding of software make him an invaluable team member. He actively contributes to the ongoing development and success of the Auction Online platform.

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